18,000 Hits

The verdict is in: Our Los Angeles summer program was a resounding success.

Twenty Elon students spent nine weeks in individual internships and jointly taking “The Business of Hollywood” course taught by J McMerty of the School of Communications. They lived in a secure gated community called Oakwood-Toluca Hills in the heart of the entertainment industry.

They created fantastic webisodes and blogs that attracted more than 18,000 hits during the summer. Here is the final webisode of the class.

The students also reported having excellent internships and a memorable summer, even including experiencing a moderate earthquake (magnitude 5.4) during their final week in LA.

Here’s how the program came about:

In previous summers, we worked first with Emerson and later with Ithaca to accommodate Elon students wanting to have summer internships and earn college credit in Los Angeles. When the level of student interest grew to a dozen a year, we decided it was time for Elon to organize its own LA program.

Associate Dean Connie Book became our investigator, flying to Los Angeles in Fall 2007 to scout out options for housing and classroom space and to talk with leaders of other college LA programs. In January 2008, the provost and I flew to Los Angeles to review the options.

The Elon in LA program became a ‘go’ in spring term, and 20 students signed up. Sure enough, we were able to coordinate an excellent LA experience for students at a reasonable cost. The Elon in LA program will be back next summer.

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