Jobs and Salaries

Elon’s School of Communications participates each year in a nationwide employment survey of graduates conducted by the University of Georgia’s Cox Center.

We received our 2007 results today, and I’m happy to share them.

The survey reports that 70% of our responding 2007 bachelor’s degree recipients reported being employed full time shortly upon graduation. Nationwide, that number was 63%.

These results are gratifying — and I think I can explain the 30% not yet employed at the time of the survey. Many students tell me they graduate first and then start the employment search, compared to my generation where we wanted a job in hand by the time of graduation. Also, some of our graduates move to where they want to live (think Los Angeles or D.C.) and then start a job search that may take months.

Our 2007 students had a median annual salary of $30,000, the same as the national average in our discipline.

Overall, the best salaries exist in the online publishing world, with an average reported salary of $37,400. Positions in public relations, advertising, consumer magazines and specialized information industries had average reported salaries of $32,000. New graduates going to work at daily newspapers reported an average salary of $28,000. In the broadcast industry (known for lower starting salaries, but large upward potential), starting salaries were $29,300 in the cable industry, $25,000 in radio and $24,000 in television.

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