Thoughts of Chocolate

In classroom visits this week, I welcomed some 200 incoming majors spread across seven sections of our opening course, Communications in a Global Age.

I provided a brief history of Elon’s School of Communications, described our majors and curriculum, explained the Elon Eleven assessment concept, and encouraged students to get involved in student media.

When it came time for Q&A, a surprise awaited me. About half of the students had read The Dean’s Blog, and they peppered me with good questions about the Millennial Generation blog and my thoughts on the preceding entry that features YouTube videos on technology and learning. Now that I’m aware of having a student readership, my motivation to blog just went up.

Since blogging is an add-on to my daily work, I’ve developed the motivational tactic of eating chocolate when blogging. I’m enjoying a handful of Hershey’s kisses right now. If I start associating blogging with chocolate, before long I’ll be salivating at the mere thought of blogging!

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4 Comments on “Thoughts of Chocolate”

  1. Dean Parsons —

    I’ve been checking in! Just a FYI — I actually linked to your blog from mine: Inspiration for blog posts always hits me at random, inconvenient moments. Start writing yours down and you’ll always have good material!


  2. Brynn Says:

    hey, I just wanted to say Hi.



  3. Alicia Gonzàlez Martìnez Says:

    Me encanta el sabor de esos chocolates

  4. Paul Parsons Says:

    For those who need a translation of the Spanish above, it’s “I love the taste of these chocolates.”

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