Reliving Vietnam

Pendulum photo by Lindsay Fendt

Pendulum photo by Lindsay Fendt

We hosted a fabulous speaker today. Jurate Kazickas went to Vietnam at the age of 24 with $500 in her pocket that she won on the game show “Password.”

She told the audience about spending nearly two years as a freelance reporter and being one of the few female war correspondents in Vietnam.

Click here for The Pendulum’s story about her campus presentation.

After her presentation, we had 20 minutes for Q&A. Frankly, I used to get nervous at Q&A time because student questions sometimes showed lack of knowledge or preparation. These days, the questions our students ask make the faculty proud.

The ability to ask a good question reflects a good mind. A questioner wants to push a speaker to a deeper, more reflective answer or to take the conversation in a wholly fresh direction.

For years I’ve heard people say, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

Sure there is.

One humorous example is when a student contacts a teacher after being absent and asks, “Did I miss anything important?”

I’ve been known to shake my head sadly and reply, “We did absolutely nothing of value in class that day. You were fortunate to have missed it!”

Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I heard an Elon student ask that question. We’re seeing the ascent of good questions and the decline of bad ones.

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