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Elon at the Inauguration

January 21, 2009

Eight students from our campus newspaper and student television newscast attended the inauguration of President Barack Obama. All of the students made it onto the Mall for the inauguration, and their fine work is reflected in The Pendulum Online and on Phoenix14News.

Meanwhile, back on campus, a snowfall resulted in cancellation of classes on Inauguration Day, so many of us were able to watch the oath of office and other festivities without guilt that we were shirking our duties.

The presidential oath of office is grand drama. As I watched Obama place his left hand on Lincoln’s Bible and raise his right hand, my mind raced back to the recent HBO series “John Adams” that portrayed the first presidential inauguration of George Washington. Here is an excerpt from that dramatization.


For the 2009 presidential inauguration, I found it thrilling to know that Elon students were there as reporters to witness history in the making. Of course, in the excerpt shown below, Chief Justice John Roberts erred in administering the oath and Obama repeated the words out of order, resulting in the Chief Justice returning to the White House the next evening to administer the oath again.