Hot Dogs

Students and faculty in the School of Communications squared off today in a hot-dog eating competition. The faculty won.

The fund-raiser for our student chapter of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) featured three students against professors Kenn Gaither, Anthony Hatcher and Glenn Scott. Kenn downed his three hot dogs with pasty-white buns about 15 seconds before his student competitor. Anthony maintained the lead in his hot-dog showdown, and Glenn brought the victory home by finishing off a pint of brain-freeze vanilla ice cream before the competing student could.

Watching this competition remained me of a faculty spelling bee organized by communications students at the University of Tennessee when I taught there long ago. My media writing students had signed me up.

Imagine my chagrin when I faltered in the first round!  The word was “controversy.” I had spelled the word correctly hundreds of times in my career with UPI and The Associated Press. But in front of 100 boisterous students, I proceeded to spell “c-o-n-t-r-a…”  I immediately knew I had goofed. The Nicaraguan Contras (an anti-government rebel group) were a news story at the time, and I guess I had a brain-freeze of my own. In spelling bees, you can’t take back a letter once you’ve said it. So I finished off the word “v-e-r-s-y” already knowing that I had blown it.

There was no hot-dogging by me that day. But I enjoyed watching our faculty do high-fives and some hot-dogging today following their victory. I’m glad our students and faculty have a close relationship at Elon.

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