‘Interview With God’ Video

This is the story of an inspirational video that has an internet marketing plug embedded into the upload.

Many of us have friends and family members who email humorous stories or video links. I open some; I delete some. The other day, a friend sent one titled “The Interview With God Video,” and I opened it. It’s a beautiful video with high-definition images of nature. The text is based on a poem by Romanian writer Octavian Paler, who died in 2007. The soundtrack is soothingly repetitive, and I now can’t get it out of my head.


I recommend seeing the four-minute video.         Here is part of the Web site banner and the link: http://www.theinterviewwithgod.com

When you click “view presentation,” the video loads onto a pop-up page. Enjoy.

As a blogger, I noticed that the video’s sponsor — AngelNetwork.com — freely offers the video for uploading. But the code provides more than the video. It also contains this message for viewers: “learn how to make money online.  Visit this Internet Marketing Business site today.”

That made me curious. I learned that Gregory Writer is the CEO of AngelNetwork.com and that a young entrepreneur named Joshua Writer is behind iMarketingGlobal, the embedded link where people learn how to convert Web site visitors into paid customers. Their respective blogs suggest father and son.

While I still enjoy the video, it’s clear that its purpose is not wholly altruistic. Its creators hope the Interview With God video will go viral and eventually lead to internet marketing customers for themselves.

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2 Comments on “‘Interview With God’ Video”

  1. Franky Jr Says:

    That site has gone viral, it receives over 30,000 visitors a day on average and during the month of december gets over 100,000 visitors a day. I requested a advertiser kit from them and I got to the see their traffic stats. From a viral standpoints, it’s being forwarded all over the web. It also comes up in the top 3 results in google for the term “God”

  2. Paul Parsons Says:

    You’re right. I just typed “God” in a Google search, and it is listed fifth among the millions of sites, documents and references to God. Talk about going viral…

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