A Fish Story from San Francisco

gyllenhaalWhat a delight to be sitting next to Elon’s Randy Gyllenhaal on the evening when he was named the best collegiate TV journalist in the nation.

In San Francisco last night, Randy received the $5,000 prize at the Hearst Foundation Journalism Awards banquet. A student at the University of Southern California finished second, a University of Florida student placed third, and Arizona State students finished fourth and fifth. The five finalists were selected through year-long competition involving students at more than 100 accredited schools.

The finalists were brought to California and given two days to conceive, shoot and edit a TV news story of up to two and a half minutes on an economic topic of their choice in the San Francisco area.

Randy’s winning piece focused on the fishing industry in the Bay Area. He found that seafood restaurants have lost their customer base during the tough economy because seafood is more expensive than burgers. In turn, this has driven down demand for fresh seafood, causing fishermen to lose business.

Randy’s piece featured dockside and restaurant interviews, on-the-water video and natural sound, an interview with an economic specialist on the seafood industry, impressive graphics, and a humorous closing that involved seagulls.

When I saw Randy’s piece prior to the awards ceremony, I was blown away at how good a story he told in such a clear way. One of the professional judges came up to me afterwards and said Randy’s piece was ready to air on San Francisco television. Here it is:

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One Comment on “A Fish Story from San Francisco”

  1. nenurah Says:

    Wow! This piece is absolutely amazing. If I didn’t know any better I would think that the report was done by a seasoned vet. Kudos to Randy, and to a great job representing Elon

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