The Value of Teacher-Scholars

space-coverBooks on the space program, terrorism and the internet’s future are the latest intellectual contributions         by professors in the School of Communications.

In recent weeks, associate professor Harlen Makemson presented a signed copy of his book on media coverage of NASA and our quest for the moon, associate professor Brooke Barnett brought by a copy of her new book on the uneasy relationship between terrorism and the press, and associate professor Janna Anderson presented a copy of her third book on the internet’s future.

The first two books were edited by Elon’s Fletcher Professor, David Copeland, who is general editor of the “Mediating American History” series by Peter Lang Publishing in New York. The internet book was co-authored by Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project and a member of Elon’s School of Communications Advisory Board.

We place a copy of all faculty-authored books in a bookcase in the School of Communications lobby, and the glass shelving is now beginning to groan from the weight of more than a dozen faculty books. Because these authors are excellent teachers as well, the bookcase serves as a testament to the value of the Elon teacher-scholar.

As teachers, we want learning to come alive for our students because knowledge, analysis and creative thinking are vital to their futures and to our national future.

As scholars, we become creators and aggregators of knowledge, analysis and creative thinking ourselves.

The Elon teacher-scholar connects a love of teaching with a love of discovery.

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