Talk about Irony

Two blog entries below is an account of “Celebrate the First Amendment” day on Elon’s campus. As part of the day, First Amendment boards were set up across campus as a vehicle for free expression.

Some of the comments were serious on meaningful topics such as health care and Afghanistan. Other comments were witty, some crude, and a few unfathomable. As I read the boards during the day, I’d nod my head in agreement, shake my head in disagreement, and sometimes blanch at the rawness of some comments. But that’s the way it is with free speech.

photo submitted to The Pendulum, Elon's student newspaper

photo submitted to The Pendulum, Elon's student newspaper

When I picked up today’s Pendulum, I saw this photo. It looks like a woman is taking advantage of adding thoughts to a board. But the cutline told a different story. It read: “An Aramark employee crosses out a statement related to the company on one of the First Amendment free speech boards last Tuesday.”

It’s a “submitted photo,” which means a Pendulum staff member was not there at the time. Instead, someone with a camera saw the deletion occurring, took the photo and sent it to the student paper. No doubt it was a mean-spirited comment about Elon’s food-service provider, but the photo captures the irony of free speech.

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