Sport as a Career Choice


Illustration accompanying BusinessWeek article

A lot of students at Elon are interested in sports careers — not as athletes, but in sports media, sports information and sport management.

The sports industry in the United States is a $200 billion powerhouse, according to a 2008 BusinessWeek article on sport management programs.

Depending on specific career interests, students need a strong combination of communications courses, sport management courses, business courses, and a professional internship.

The School of Communications offers three sport-related courses:

— Sports and Media.  Examines the media’s role in shaping and packaging sports content and programming as forms of popular culture.

— Sports Information.  Focuses on writing, public relations and organizational skills, including effective operations of sporting events.

— Sports Broadcasting.  Focuses on radio and television sportscasting, which serves the dual role of journalism and entertainment.

In turn, Elon’s Sport and Event Management Department provides courses in sports marketing, programming and event management, research methods, policy development, financial operations, facility planning and legal aspects.

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