Internet Pie

Four students and a faculty member from the School of Communications are back from covering the 2009 Internet Governance Forum in Egypt.

Elon is the only university in the world that sends students to cover the global forum. Our coverage from Athens, Rio de Janeiro and now Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, is on our Imagining the Internet Center site.

Eugene Daniel speaking in Egypt

One of our students, Eugene Daniel, participated in a panel in Egypt where he discussed the persistent use of the internet in all aspects of his life including finances, schooling, social interaction and even ordering pizza.

It’s fascinating to look at internet penetration worldwide. Three-fourths of North Americans have internet access, according to Internet World Stats, whereas fewer than 7 percent of Africans have internet access. Europe is at 52 percent, Latin America 30 percent, and Asia below 20 percent.

The Middle East has the most rapid growth in internet penetration, from 23 percent in June to 28 percent just three months later. That’s fast growth.

The pie chart below takes the world’s population into consideration in projecting where the world’s internet users live.

As internet penetration grows in Asia and the Middle East, this pie chart will dramatically change. Because penetration rates already are higher in North America and Europe, the percentage of the world’s internet users in the Western Hemisphere will decline. Meanwhile, red and green on the pie chart will get significantly larger.

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