Study Abroad, Elon-Style

Dozens of faculty members and more than 600 students are abroad right now during Elon’s winter term.

Ten of those faculty members are professors in the School of Communications.

Frances Ward-Johnson is in Barbados, and here is a photo from that Caribbean locale posted on the Study Abroad blog. Doesn’t that look like a wonderful place to be a student during January?

Glenn Scott is leading a student group in Japan, and here is a class photo from the Imperial Palace in Tokyo posted to the class blog. Japan, too, looks like a good January destination this year.

And then, brrr, there’s Europe, with bitter weather and heavy snow across England and the continent.

Communications professors Tom Nelson and Jessica Gisclair are with students in Europe teaching and seeing key sites related to The Great War (World War I), and Rich Landesberg is there with a group of students studying the European Union and hopefully staying warm. Here’s a photo of the European Union class in Brussels, Belgium.

In addition, five Communications faculty have taken M.A. in Interactive Media students abroad this month: Phillip Motley to Costa Rica, Randy Piland and Sang Nam to Panama, and Ray Johnson and Brooke Barnett to snowy London.

We believe that students best understand the global dimensions of communications, business and culture by visiting other countries and talking with the international community. Safe travels back.

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