Wowed by the iPad

This week’s Newsweek cover story did it for me. The headline is: “What’s so great about the iPad? EVERYTHING.”

Author Daniel Lyons notes that the iPad seemed no big deal when he first saw a demonstration, then he got his hands on one.

“Right away I could see how I would use it,” he writes. “I’d keep it in the living room to check email and browse the Web. I’d take it to the kitchen and read The New York Times while I eat breakfast. I’d bring it with me on a plane to watch movies and read books. That may not be life-changing, but is it worth 500 bucks? Yup. Done. Sold.”

Photo illustration from The First Post, a free online site based in London

Me, too. Of course, Apple has received a quarter of a million preorders, so it may be awhile.

In the meantime, we’re closely watching its impact on both computing and the media.

Says Lyons: “The interface is so intuitive — navigating with your fingers rather than a keyboard and mouse — that it will change what we expect from our computers. Today we talk about ‘getting on the Internet,’ but with iPad you can have a persistent online connection…. The iPad could eventually become your TV, your newspaper, and your bookshelf. Pretty soon, Apple might even become your cable company.”

At Elon, the School of Communications is a Mac environment. We love the simplicity, elegance and quality of Apple products, both hardware and software. And now we’ll have a new and innovative tool to explore.

First and foremost, we want our students to become excellent content creators and strategists through words, images, video, sound and multimedia. But for that content to have an impact, it must reach an audience through effective distribution systems. The iPad is both a content creator and a content distributor. We’re excited.

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