The iMedia Success Story

Commencement speaker Tony Quin

I'm hooding graduate Kathryn Williams

Ten months ago, we welcomed the inaugural class of our new M.A. in Interactive Media program.

The 36 graduate students were bold explorers in a new field, and the School of Communications itself displayed entrepreneurial spirit by devising an innovative curriculum, building modern facilities for the program in the heart of campus, and adding six new faculty and staff with expertise in interactive media.

The ambitious endeavor had a glorious conclusion last night — the graduation of 36 successful students.

The ceremony was dignified and deeply moving, with robed M.A. students entering Whitley Auditorium to organ music followed by the university president, provost and other program participants.

Tony Quin, founder and CEO of IQ Interactive in Atlanta and New York, delivered an incredibly meaningful Commencement address, focusing on how interactive media is at the heart of consumer-driven communications.

Jaqueta Abbey receives diploma

“It’s an industry immersed in constant, unrelenting change,” Quin said. “Just since you put on your cap this morning and zipped up your gown, something important has happened in the interactive world. It’s a frightening and thrilling thought.”

That phrase captures my own views of creating the iMedia graduate program. It was both a frightening and a thrilling thought, and it certainly was enjoyable to see the happy faces cross the stage to receive their hard-earned diplomas, knowing that they will be in the transformative wave sweeping across communications.

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