NBC, CBS, FOX and Geraldo

My four-day visit to New York City this week included being on the set and in the control room for the live evening newscasts at NBC and CBS, followed by a similar on-set experience at FOX that included a Geraldo Rivera commentary.

The media visits were compliments of Elon connections at each network.

Elon parent Brian Williams invited me to sit in on the Wednesday afternoon editorial meeting where the evening newscast is planned. The topic was oil, oil, oil. That evening, an Elon colleague and I watched the NBC Nightly News from the control room.

On Thursday, thanks to Elon Advisory Board member Michael Radutzky, a senior producer for “60 Minutes,” I interacted with correspondent Morley Safer in the “60 Minutes” corridors, then watched Katie Couric present the evening news, which included her handling a soccer ball for a World Cup feature.

On Friday, thanks to Advisory Board member Michael Clemente, senior VP at FOX News, I was on the set of “America’s Newsroom” when it included television personality Geraldo Rivera opining about the Joran van der Sloot murder case.

The professionalism required to produce these complex newscasts is extraordinarily high — from newsgathering to graphics to presentation.

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