The Times They Are A-Changin’

Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan has a wonderful way with words. He prefaces his memorable line about the changing times with the words: “You better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone.”

No better line can be applied to the communications revolution in progress.

Newsweek magazine, whose editor Jon Meacham will be at Elon in September, offers a page in this week’s issue about the communications revolution in the past decade.  For instance:

Daily newspapers DOWN (1,480 in 2000; 1,302 in 2010).  Active blogs UP (12,000 in 2000; 141 million in 2010).

Daily mailed letters DOWN (208 billion in 2000; 176 billion in 2010).  Daily e-mails UP (12 billion in 2000; 247 billion in 2010)

CD sales revenue DOWN ($943 million in 2000; $428 million in 2010).  iTunes downloads UP (0 in 2000; 10 billion in 2010)

And one more revealing comparison…  Time spent online UP (2.7 hours a week in 2000; 18 hours a week in 2010)

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