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With a mountain backdrop, the Colorado Rockies take the field against the Cubs

What a beautiful evening for baseball.

Arriving in Denver a few days before a national conference, my wife and I bought two tickets on the street last night and got to the game just in time to snap this photo of the Colorado Rockies taking the field to start the game.

It became a game for the record books. The home team got a record 11 consecutive hits and 12 runs in the bottom of the eighth to demolish the Chicago Cubs, 17-2.

As I watched the game with the real Rockies in the distance, I thought about the Sport & Event Management Department becoming part of the School of Communications this summer. The department (formerly called Leisure & Sport Management) focuses on sport, leisure and recreation as well as the event planning, facilities, legal issues and other organizational components necessary to manage sports and events successfully.

The baseball game itself… sport. The handling of 40,000 fans… a large-scale event. My purpose as a spectator… leisure. Sport, event, leisure. The three are interconnected, and we are pleased to have Sport & Event Management as part of our school, complementing our sports media and strategic communications curricula.

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