The iPad Initiative

All faculty and staff in the School of Communications now have an iPad

The School of Communications has provided every faculty and staff member with an Apple iPad as a form of professional development in a fast-changing communications world.

The school offered the base model (Wi-Fi 16 GB) for free and allowed faculty and staff to choose whether to personally pay for any desired upgrade. In all, 13 chose the base model, seven upgraded storage to 32 or 64 GB, 30 added 3G capability for continuous Internet roaming, and seven decided to wait until the second-generation iPad is released in 2011.

Let the learning curve begin!  Faculty and staff already have formed a user’s group to share apps and to discuss how technologies are transforming both the creation and the distribution of media content.

The initiative was funded through stipends that accumulated through the years from the school’s success in the Hearst Journalism Awards program as well as fund-raising efforts in the school.

The School of Communications – one of only 18 private universities in the nation with an accredited communications program – is embarking this fall in its self-study process leading to a re-accreditation visit in Fall 2011.

One of the national standards focuses on staying abreast of communication technologies.

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