A Professor at the Pinnacle

David Copeland with a student

Receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award sounds like something that comes in the twilight of a career.

So we’ve been having some fun this week with Professor David Copeland, who deservedly received the award from the American Journalism Historians Association at its national conference in Tucson, Ariz.

You see, Copeland is at the pinnacle of a career, far from the twilight. We came to Elon the same year — David as the A.J. Fletcher Distinguished Professor of Communications and I as dean of the school. Today, David serves as director of the school’s M.A. in Interactive Media program.

In my letter of support, I wrote that he is an “extraordinarily good” teacher and a “prolific” author and a “superb” mentor to colleagues. The use of strong adjectives just came naturally when writing about David Copeland. Many students call him the best teacher they’ve ever had, and his scholarship includes editing an eight-volume series on American war reporting as well as authoring a 2010 book titled The Media’s Role in Defining the Nation.

Congratulations, David, on receiving the highest honor from the American Journalism Historians Association — and in the prime of your career!

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