Into Every Cave in the World

While technology certainly is important, we in the School of Communications place special emphasis on the value of creating good content.

We want our students to become better writers, speakers, producers and thinkers — while also learning to innovatively harness the technologies that are transforming the way we communicate.

Michael Eisner (WSJ Magazine)

While in Albuquerque for a weekend meeting, I read a piece by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner in the December issue of WSJ Magazine (Wall Street Journal). Eisner has reinvented himself as a new-media entrepreneur, having just launched FameTown, a game based on social media.

Eisner writes: “The creation of content has never been more important. It’s wide open for all sorts of new creative ventures. The dissemination of content to every nook and cranny of the world has never been easier. It has gone from paintings on cavemen’s walls to the ability to digitally beam movies, television, news, information and music into every cave in the world. The need for entertaining, informative, provocative and important ideas has never been close to what it is today.”

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