Worse Than Cleaning a Toilet?

The daily e-mail deluge is so unrelenting that sometimes all a person can do is laugh.

Our overflowing inboxes create a daily challenge to keep up — respond to this, skip that, save that one.

In fact, a recent survey by Yahoo! found that nearly one-third of people would rather clean their toilets than clean out their inboxes. Don’t count me among that number. Toilet-cleaning still sounds worse to me. But admittedly, a clogged inbox certainly consumes more time on a daily basis and, as a result, causes us to be less productive.

In 2010, the number of e-mails sent globally topped 100 trillion, according to tech website Royal Pingdom. That translates into 294 billion messages sent each day, up 19 percent from one year before.

Right now, the average corporate employee spends 25 percent of the workday on e-mail-related tasks, according to tech research firm The Radicati Group, compared to 14 percent on face-to-face meetings and 9 percent on the phone. Increasingly, we are captives to electronic communications.

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One Comment on “Worse Than Cleaning a Toilet?”

  1. In my opinion it’s really worse than cleaning the toilet and I’m a cleaner…

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