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Elon: Home of Filmmakers

February 13, 2011

Congratulations to 13 students in the School of Communications who comprise an amazing third of students selected nationally as screenwriters, producers and crew for original works to be filmed in this year’s Sprite competition.

Seniors Josh Chagani and Kristin Genszler are two of the six college students whose original screenplays will be produced. They join students from Northwestern, Indiana University and Florida State. Trailers for their films will be screened at 20,000 theaters across the nation, directing viewers to a website where they can view the 6- to 12-minute films.

Eleven more Elon students were selected in a blind review for the 33 production roles on the films. Films will be shot in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and New York, with a completion date of March 31.

A special congratulations to cinema professor Paul Castro for securing Elon’s place in the competition and shepherding the students to success. Castro knows firsthand what it takes. As a film student at UCLA, he was awarded the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker Grant Award.

This year’s competition attracted more than 100 applications from 12 schools invited to participate: Elon, Northwestern, Indiana, Florida State, Columbia, Texas, Colorado, Iowa, Chapman, Cal State Long Beach, Savannah College of Art and Design, and the North Carolina School of the Arts.


When the Internet Was a Mystery

February 13, 2011

It’s hard to imagine life before the internet.

As one viewer said when watching Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric on NBC’s “Today” show back in 1994, it’s crazy how far we’ve come technologically in a mere 17 years.

In the early years, it was the Internet with a capital I. Historians tells us that, at its genesis, we also spelled Radio with a capital R.

Once radio became pervasive, people began lowercasing it. Same with television. And now, same with the internet. Let’s all start spelling internet with a lowercase i.