Funny Fellows

These four guys met as freshmen last year in the Communications Fellows program at Elon.

They started making music videos, first as birthday presents in the Communications living-learning community and then for class projects. They won the “Wannabe” lip-syncing competition last year, then hit it big with a music video about Elon’s dean of student life, Smith Jackson, whom they dubbed as the man with two last names.

But this lovefest to Elon’s Phoenix mascot is my favorite of their original music videos. The four guys are Will Anderson, Dan Enders, Greg Gentile and David Gwynn, and the group goes by the name of project Halcyon.

The halcyon is a mythical bird, just like the phoenix that rises from the ashes. In ancient legend, the halcyon (commonly associated with the kingfisher) nested at sea around the time of the winter solstice to calm the wind and waves. In popular use, the phrase “halcyon days” harkens back to an earlier time remembered as idyllic.

This weekend, more than 80 high school seniors and their families came to Elon to participate in the selection process for the 2011-12 Communications Fellows program. A lot of nametags listed the home states of Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and North Carolina, with other Fellows candidates hailing from states such as Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida and Kentucky.

Next fall when the new Communications Fellows class gathers, friendships will be made, and who knows what these creative students will end up doing.

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