National Administrator of the Year

First things first. I’m very appreciative of the faculty and staff of the School of Communications who nominated me for the 2010 national Administrator of the Year award. The Scripps Howard Foundation notified lead nominator Don Grady, who in turn let me know the good news of my selection.

Second, the resulting Scripps Howard request for photos has taken me down memory lane. I’ve opened boxes that haven’t seen daylight in years, if not decades.

For instance, this is surely the first photograph of me as a journalist. As a ninth grader, I was editor of my junior high school newspaper. (This is before most school districts created “middle school” and moved ninth grade to high school.) That’s me at the typewriter.

This photo is during my year as editor of The War Whoop at Hall High School in Little Rock, followed by a photo during my time as editor of The Lariat, the daily student newspaper at Baylor University. The next photo shows me as a state broadcast editor with The Associated Press.

This last photo is from my year as a Fulbright Professor in Beijing, China. I had a terrific group of students who today are scattered all over the world as correspondents for Xinhua News Agency as well as in private enterprise.

I’m not sure what the Scripps Howard Foundation will do with these and other photos, but I got a blog entry out of it!

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