Brian Williams at Elon

Williams with students Jason Puckett, Adrianne Haney and Sophie Nielsen-Kolding

Our students sure did enjoy two days with Brian Williams this week.

On Thursday, the anchor and managing editor of “NBC Nightly News” moderated an event on campus titled “We Can Be Better: Courageous Voices Confront Our Greatest Challenges” that relied on experts to talk about education, energy, the economy, religious pluralism and the political will to do something about them.

Williams spent Friday in the School of Communications as the national chair of the school’s Advisory Board.

He was a trooper during his time at Elon — a Q&A with hundreds of students, a video interview, student media, photo shoots and NBC affiliate interviews. He did it all with wit and humor.

We’re already hearing from students about the impact of his visit. He spoke about the need for passion, integrity and a hunger to get the story right. It’s a message that we teach, but frankly it sticks better when a Brian Williams says it with conviction.

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