A Collegiate Emmy in Hand

We had quite the happy event in our television news studio a few hours ago.

Elon’s newly acquired collegiate Emmy exchanged hands from the staff of student newscast Phoenix14News (represented by executive producer Kirsten Bennett) to the School of Communications (represented by me) for display in the school’s lobby.

After we all applauded, it was right back to work for everyone. After all, Phoenix14News had a live 30-minute newscast fast approaching.

In Los Angeles nine days earlier, five Elon students and faculty adviser Dr. Rich Landesberg enjoyed the moment when Elon’s name was called as the national recipient of the collegiate Emmy for student television newscast. Bennett, Drew Smith, Nick Ochsner, Jasmine Spencer and Mallory Lane went on stage in their tuxes and gowns to collect the award. Afterwards, they went backstage for photos and a walk on the red carpet.

“What a fantastic achievement for this talented team of aspiring broadcast journalists,” Professor Landesberg said. “I always tell my students never to work for awards but to always do award-winning work. Once again, they have all shown just how good they can be.”

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One Comment on “A Collegiate Emmy in Hand”

  1. I am so proud of these students whom I can also call friends. What an amazing accomplishment for them, but also for Elon. Go Phoenix14News!

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