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Turkish Delights

July 23, 2011

Vice Dean Billur Ulger of Yeditepe U walks the Elon delegation (Int'l Dean Woody Pelton flanked by Provost Steven House and wife Pat) to the Comm building

Turkey is an extraordinary country. My journey there this summer had three purposes:

1. A visit to Yeditepe University in Istanbul, which has a fine communication program. We had conversations with a dean and faculty members about forming a student-exchange partnership. While many Elon students want to study in Western Europe, an increasing number are looking to Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia for a stimulating academic and cultural experience. Yeditepe, on the Asian side of Istanbul, certainly qualifies.

2. As a U.S. delegate on the World Journalism Education Council, we met in Istanbul this week to hear presentations and select the site of the next World Congress in 2013. Our decision: Brussels, Belgium. We heard an excellent bid presentation by the European Journalism Training Association in conjunction with the Dutch network of journalism schools. This will be the third Congress. The first was in Singapore in 2007, and the second in South Africa in 2010.

Cappadocia's rock chimneys

3. After the work-related week in Istanbul, it was time for a few vacation days in Turkey. The ruins at ancient Ephesus were spectacular. So were the natural pools of Pamukkale and the amazing natural rock formations in the shape of chimneys in Cappadocia in central Turkey. Now it’s back to the United States, with a greater appreciation of Turkey’s beauty and strategic position in the world.