Technology, Television and Troy

The School of Communications is completing the largest technology project since its founding 11 years ago — the conversion to high-definition in the studios, control room, engineering and entire student video-camera fleet.

Communications students now have access to 55 Sony NX70s and 13 Panasonic HMC-150s, and all record HD video to memory cards for tapeless transition to editing. In addition, new Mac computers and monitors were installed in three of our Communications labs this summer for writing, audio/video production and multimedia design. The overall upgrade totals about $600,000.

Our hero, Troy Senkiewicz

The summer hero is 1998 alumnus Troy Senkiewicz, founder and CEO of DigiMax Consulting in Los Angeles. His long-standing relationship with Gepco International helped him persuade the company to donate hundreds of yards of cable, saving Elon thousands of dollars, and then Troy came to Elon in late summer and spent several days helping the school rewire its infrastructure for HD.

During his student days, Senkiewicz served as a production assistant for Elon Student Television. During his recent wiring work, he came across some items in the studios emblazoned with a familiar name spraypainted in orange: “Troybuilt” — pieces of equipment that he helped put together as an Elon student.

Now Troy has left his mark on Elon television again.

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