Big Laugh

Back last spring, I sat at a table with several new Lumen Scholar recipients including sophomore theatre major Logan Sutton.

Logan’s project is “Everyday Odyssey,” which involves the composition and staging of a play exploring the struggles of Odysseus’s family in his absence.

Logan is one of 15 Elon students awarded a $15,000 Lumen Prize last year to pursue scholarly and creative achievements. Another is Caitlin O’Donnell, a Communications student whose project under Professor David Copeland’s tutelage is “The Media of White America: Press Coverage and Treatment of Historically Outcast Members of Society.”

Back to that dinner last spring…  After talking about the Lumen Prize, the table conversation turned to movies — and that’s when Logan and I discovered we both had a special liking for the marvelously odd 2003 movie “Big Fish.”

Fast forward to last week. When I returned to my office one day, I found a DVD of “Big Fish” on my desk, compliments of Logan. I had to laugh. Then I took it home and enjoyed watching it again. In fact, I think my daughter may now like “Big Fish” as much as I.

Logan, the thank-you note is in the mail, and best wishes on your project.

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