Accreditation Redux

Elon’s School of Communications became nationally accredited in 2006, and the six-year renewal timetable is upon us.

Our upcoming site visit by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications will occur October 9-12, and we are ready. We forwarded a massive self-study to the team two days ago that was both a labor of love and, well, just pure labor.

The self-study asks us to list what has happened in the school in the past six years, and the length of that answer surprised us.

We implemented a new curriculum, established the M.A. in Interactive Media program, created the student agency Live Oak Communications, initiated the nation’s only undergraduate research journal in communications, converted to high-definition technology, enjoyed the national successes of student media, added a career services specialist in the school, originated and expanded summer programs in Los Angeles and New York City, founded the state’s Sunshine Center to promote government transparency, added Sport & Event Management as a new major, received the national Equity & Diversity Award in 2010, and welcomed Brian Williams as national chair of the school’s advisory board.

When the ACEJMC team comes to campus next month, they will visit with students and faculty, sit in classes, study our curriculum and budget, review our faculty scholarship and service, and talk with the provost and president.

Elon is one of 18 private universities in the nation with an accredited communications school, along with Syracuse, Northwestern, Columbia, Howard, Miami and Southern Cal. We are prepared to remain one.

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