A ‘Fire Dance’ Moment at Elon

Peter Buffett’s “Concert and Conversation” was incredibly good, and I almost missed it.

We hosted our School of Communications Advisory Board yesterday, with professionals from Fortune magazine, “60 Minutes” and other media leaders. The professionals spoke in classes, talked with President Lambert about the future of the university, and interacted with faculty and staff on topics such as curriculum, student portfolios and summer programs.

I said farewell to the last board member at 4:28, looked at my watch, and momentarily longed to just head home on a Friday afternoon after a very full day. But I really did want to hear Peter Buffett, and I made it over to the theatre just in time.

Peter Buffett is the son of legendary investor Warren Buffett, but Peter has made his own name through his music. He played the piano, sang, talked about his life, and answered questions from the standing-room-only audience of Elon students and parents on Family Weekend. It was one of the most enjoyable hours I’ve spent at Elon.

Kevin Costner asked Peter to score the “Fire Dance” scene in his Oscar-winning movie “Dances With Wolves” because Buffett often writes music from a Native American perspective. Peter says he watched the soundless scene about 20 times to feel the mood and the beat, and then the accompaniment flowed. Peter showed the scene on the big screen at Elon. Here it is.

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