Ingredients for Success

On the eve of our national accreditation review, I’ve been reading the School of Communications website as if I’ve come to it for the first time.

At times, I cringe at an out-of-date reference or an inelegant flow of content. But for the most part, our website has currency and appeal. In fact, I like one Q&A in our section for prospective students so much that I’m repeating it here:

Q: I’m curious. What would you consider the key indicators for a career in communications?

A: You said the magic words when you began “I’m curious.” To succeed in a communications career, you first need curiosity about the world you live in. Do you ask lots of questions? Do you probe under the surface? If so, then that curiosity needs to grow into knowledge so that what you communicate will have depth, context and accuracy.

Being a good writer is important because clear and logical writing reflects a clear and logical mind. Of course, hard work is necessary, with a generous dose of creativity. Finally, you need a strong sense of who you are and what values you hold, so that when you face temptation to do wrong, you will have the courage to do right.

These are six ingredients for succeeding: curiosity, knowledge, writing, hard work, creativity, values.

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