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Book Covers for Different Countries

January 28, 2012

Growing up, I naively thought a book had only one cover. When I read George Orwell’s 1984 as a teenager, the cover to the right was the one on my paperback.

In time, it became apparent that different editions have different covers. But publishers also design different covers for different audiences, including those in other nations.

Following last June’s blog on the best opening lines of literature, a reader asked if I knew the designer of the cover that I had included. I didn’t, but it really wasn’t hard to discover in this age of Google images. The French edition cover is reproduced here with the designer’s name.

French edition cover design by Michel Siméon, 1966

Here also is a 1984 cover for Indonesian readers. If you’re into it, this website offers a lot of examples of book-cover designs.

An Indonesian book cover