Please, Not That Phrase Again!

Certain words and phrases have their season. They catch fire, sound quite sophisticated for awhile, and then start to drive us nuts from overuse.

“Low hanging fruit” is a good example, and “Dilbert” by Scott Adams has fun with that phrase.

PR Daily publisher Mark Ragan asked his Twitter followers last week which overused phrases come to mind, and here are three more: “value-added,” “thinking outside the box” and “paradigm shift.” I’ll add “go to the next level.” Of course, in terms of overused phrases, this is only the low hanging fruit.

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One Comment on “Please, Not That Phrase Again!”

  1. I teach fourth grade. Each Friday we pick an idiom, discuss it, and then the kids draw it. Friday’s idiom was “Thinking outside the box.” I had some great drawings. Another word I hear a lot lately is “epicenter,” and not in reference to an earthquake.

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